Preparing To Perform

Choosing A Song

  • Choose a song you are comfortable with and know well
  • Pick something within your capabilities – don’t try to over impress
  • Make sure the song is appropriate for the occasion

Get The Essentials

  • Song lyrics
  • Sheet music (for the accompanist)
  • Backing track (if needed)
  • Check whether you will be singing with a PA system or without
  • Will you learn the lyrics or have music on a stand?
  • Take a bottle of water with you

Rehearsing The Song

Always allow yourself a good amount of rehearsal time – preparation is the key to a good performance!

  • Listen to recordings of the song and work out an arrangement that suits you
  • Hum the melody of the song before adding words – this helps to secure your tuning and knowledge of the melody. Words can get in the way at this stage!
  • Make sure you know your entries (particularly if you are using a backing track)
  • Try to memorise the words

Before The Performance

  • Choose a comfortable outfit
  • Imagine yourself performing the song – with a good outcome
  • Find out where you are in the programme
  • Arrive in plenty of time
  • Make sure you warm up properly!

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